Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

Did you know that even if you aren't rich or famous, you need a will?

If you own a home or have children, or both, you need a will. Let's face it, you aren't going to live forever, despite what Suzanne Somers says. If you don't put into a legally-binding piece of paper (a will) what you want to happen to your home or your minor children upon your death, the state will decide.

Would you rather decide what happens to your property and your children, or the state? I mean, we are talking the difference between you, the expert on your life and your best interests, and a bloated bureaucracy.

I know you have been putting it off...it's not exactly fun like planning a vacation. Many people put more thought into planning a trip to Disney World than they do their wills. But here's the good news....

Now you can get your will done from the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas, thanks to the Internet! Give yourself or your parents the gift of peace of mind this holiday season!

Just email me, Dan Shumway, at dan@shumwaylawoffice.com to get started on your will today at a low price ($300 for a simple will) with no hassle. You can email me all the information or speak to me on the phone. You can get a discount of $50 for each friend or family member you refer who get a will done through me. Just think, if you refer six paying friends, you can get your will done for free!

I am an attorney in good standing with the Utah State Bar. I am a lawyer with a heart who will help you preserve the legacy you deserve to leave. Email today!